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This is totally the right move!

Yes, the retailer is now a publisher, rolling out a multichannel network filled with original editorial content spanning everything from how-to videos and gift guides to new-technology primers and behind-the-scenes looks at popular movies. The network, called Best Buy On, includes a website it bills as an “online magazine” and a huge in-store component with its content and ad messaging “broadcast” on screens across the store, including in the TV, mobile and portable entertainment sections.

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Go Read This | Publishers’ catalogs: does anyone use these? (via Eintauchen)

Interesting post this. There are pretty big changes coming of course and some underway too.

Publishers' catalogs: does anyone use these? Presses of all types constantly bombard libraries (and scholars) with glossy and expensively produced catalogs. In my years as a librarian, these have generally been viewed by most of my colleagues with disdain, even in the days before one could pull up a publisher's title list with the flick of a wrist. So why do they persist? Certain … Read More

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Go Read This | Year One: The Born Digital Publisher (via The Scholarly Kitchen)

Great post over at the Scholarly Kitchen about Born Digital and Born Again publishers.
Fascinating reading for the slowly getting back to speed brain’s this New years Bank Holiday.

Year One: The Born Digital Publisher Image by RedJinn: Back on Board via Flickr While one would be hard-pressed to find any publisher who does not view digital media as a central strategic concern, we have reached a critical point in the evolution of publishing — henceforth, no one who starts a new publishing company is likely to be thinking of the world of print. New publishing entities from here on are almost certainly going to be Born Digital. This is a big shift because print i … Read More

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