Go Read This | Fly the Falcon: Book Depository vs Book Stores

Cracking post this about book buying and selling in Australia from a book buyers perspective:

The Australian Booksellers Association has been pushing on behalf of retailers for the government to introduce GST on imported goods under $1000, which would effectively raise the price of books on Book Depository by 10%. On 18th December a Productivity Commission inquiry was announced to examine the concern of retailers, so expect a war of words between retailers and consumer groups in the next 6 months. It is worth pointing out that in the case of my 118 books, adding 10% to their purchase price would result in a spend of $1636.38, still $1102.50 less than had I purchased them at Borders, and $714.33 less than Readings.

via Fly the Falcon: Book Depository vs Book Stores.

My first teaching term (via Pue’s Occurrences)

A really excellent and engaging article by Lisa Maire Griffith on learning to be a lecturer, but it holds good messages for ANYONE learning ANY new role.

My first teaching term By Lisa Marie Griffith This year, 2010-2011, I am embarking on my first year lecturing. I have sat in many teaching interviews over the last few years reciting my virtues as a scholar to the interview panel and promising that I would be a wonderful teacher and gifted communicator in the hopes of convincing the often stoney faced panel to just give me a paying job. I will have to admit that the day I was finally offered a teaching job the panic se … Read More

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