The Differential Rates Of Digital Change Problem

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a shameless plug or not, but it is certainly a plug for a piece I’ve written over on

These sales are starting, slowly but surely, to leak sales from small markets to large markets. The levels are unquantifiable right now in anything but the most sketchy way, but they are surely growing with each Kindle,  Kobo reader, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and Android device sold into a small market. The proliferation of devices offering ebooks sold through large market retailers  MUST be driving sales from those markets. When those retailers start sharing their data and how likely is that we will know for sure.

via The Differential Rates Of Digital Change Problem | Eoin Purcell.

One thought on “The Differential Rates Of Digital Change Problem

  1. Eoin, while your industry knowledge is clearly deep and clear, it seems to me that much of your assessments here and in your blogs reflect a level of analysis which is excessively detailed and not enough big picture. Wood for the Trees comes to mind.

    Your ” Differential Rates Of Digital Change” for me adds up to two things:
    a) Rights: Small market publishers who think they can continue the way they are doing are looking into an abyss. There is no place for local digital rights. Small market publishers who do not intend to market eBooks internationally must stay out of the way. On the other hand what you don’t address is that small market publishers are totally free to market internationally if they chose.

    b) Transparency of small market sales: The actual size of the market in small markets will become more difficult to ascertain if international digital sellers do not supply the information. You do not really explain why that is likely to happen. It is in the interest of international digital sellers to release this information for clear and obvious market reasons.

    What I believe is missing in your blogs is:
    a) A vision for Ireland and digital publishing. What is stopping us developing our own indie publishing businesses online ? Ireland has a reputation for good writers that is there to be exploited.
    b) How publishers and Agents in a small market such as Ireland need to change their roles and move with the market to blend the roles of agent and editor and change ‘publisher’ toward ‘producer’.

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