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It is when you think through the simplicity of the actual PUBLISHING process that you realise just HOW Amazon has disintermediated publishers.

Once accepted, it was just a case of writing the book and submitting. The actual file you submit is basically an HTML document that is converted to Amazon’s proprietary format.

Why do an Amazon Kindle book? What appealed to me most about Amazon as a platform is that the process was simple and your work would wind up on multiple devices. The Kindle secret sauce isn’t the e-reading device—it’s the ability to take your content to the iPad, iPhone, Android device, PC, Mac or anywhere else. I’m not a developer and need to hit the broadest point possible.

via Review: My Amazon Kindle Single publishing experiment | ZDNet.

2 thoughts on “Go Read This | Review: My Amazon Kindle Single publishing experiment | ZDNet

  1. “dis intermediated” ouch ! 😉

    This technical simplicity is what is disturbing the status quo and why publishers of all colours need to start re examining what it is they offer in the process of bringing a title from author to market; who is adding value at each and every stage?

    The downside of this ‘seductive’ simplicity is that if we start to get a generation of self edited self publishing, then we are also likely to get a generation of rubbish titles, or if not actually rubbish, then let’s say ‘under performing and under achieving’ titles.

    Professional, knowledgable and skilled editing is crucial to producing a quality title. A marketing specialist, knowledgable about the latest digital landscape and trends is crucial to exploit the market and reach the widest possible audience.

    Jacqui Lofthouse in London is on the vanguard of this new realignment and is launching her new services in February with a brand new web site:

    1. Howard,

      You are right. Kindle direct and services like it will certainly facilitate crap. But then so does the internet in general.

      I think you are spot in in observing that profession services WILL be required by authors looking to build a career for themselves and that editors and marketeers are going to work more often directly with writers than they have in the past!

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