Go Read This | Bloomsbury Forms Worldwide Publishing Divisions

This is darned clever!

Under the reorganization, Bloomsbury USA head George Gibson will continue to report to Charkin, but Bloomsbury veteran Alexandra Pringle has been appointed to the new role of coordinating acquisitions for Bloomsbury’s operations in the U.S., U.K. Germany and Australia. “We want world rights where ever possible,” Charkin said, adding at a minimum Bloomsbury expects to acquire all English-language, German and Arabic rights. And, Charkin noted, Bloomsbury won’t do a deal that doesn’t include digital rights. He said the number of titles released in the U.S. annualy could rise as books acquired in other regions are released in the States. In addition to the global reach of Amazon, Apple and Google in digital distribution, agents and printers have also expanded internationally, Charkin said, making it imperative for publishers to keep up.

via Bloomsbury Forms Worldwide Publishing Divisions.