Go Read This | The Numbers Game

And this post is the reason why two things WILL happen:

1) Authors and Agents WILL carve ebook right out, retain them and self publish them, or else publishers will lose print rights and right now that’s a big loss

2) Publishers will lose big name authors

When I got off the phone with my friend, she was still worried and not quite ready to jump into self-pubbing. This is understandable. She has no personal data to fall back on. I have 2 years of self-pubbing experience, and when I started I didnt expect it to become my main source of income. It also took me over a year, even with the data, to come to the conclusion that signing with a traditional publisher is a bad idea.

But now Im convinced. Signing with a traditional publisher, even being offered $200k per book, is a VERY BAD IDEA.

And I believe these numbers back me up.

via A Newbies Guide to Publishing: The Numbers Game.

One thought on “Go Read This | The Numbers Game

  1. This is a very Interesting … detailed and complex analysis.

    I tend to agree that self publishing has a lot going for it – but from my reading of this analysis there are a LOT of assumptions in it – and the analysis could do with a complete going over to cut those out and see what the ‘likely’ outcome is.

    The danger for writers, who are generally not business orientated let’s face it, is that they jump from one end of the scale to the other. from never thinking twice about going through a standard publisher … to assuming self pub is always better. BIG MISTAKE in my view.

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