Go Read This | A Newbies Guide to Publishing: The List Experiment Update

I’m loving watching JA Konrath experiment with pricing the way he is, there’s much for him and others to learn. I wonder if any publishers are doing such brave and bold exercises? I suspect not. Though that said, I have watched some movement by publishers over the least few months and perhaps that indicates that they are.

I dunno if Disturb can crack the Top 100 or not. If it doesnt by the time The List drops to #90, then Ill put it back to $2.99 and drop the price on another, better-selling ebook. I believe Origin, Endurance, or Trapped could hit the Top 100 at 99 cents.

The concept of putting items on sale has served retailers well. Im thinking that my new sales strategy will always have one or two novels at 99 cents, and then rotate the titles monthly.

It should be fun to watch what happens for the rest of March…

via A Newbies Guide to Publishing: The List Experiment Update.

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