Rejoycing in the literary luminaries of Paris | The Post

Kevin power reviewed A Little Circle Of Kindred Minds: Joyce In Paris by Conor Fennell in The Sunday Business Post this weekend. It was a smashing review (which, as the publisher, I heartily agree with), here’s a flavour and a link:

Conor Fennell’s excellent new book is bursting with similarly memorable anecdotes.

A Little Circle of Kindred Minds (the title is from Joyce’s story A Little Cloud) is thoroughly researched, cleanly written and full of sharp-eyed critical insights.

But you could just as easily enjoy it as a compendium of literary gossip, a guidebook to artistic Paris or even as a potted history of how various Irish artists responded to the policies of the nascent Irish Free State.

via Rejoycing in the literary luminaries of Paris | The Post.

9 thoughts on “Rejoycing in the literary luminaries of Paris | The Post

  1. Congrats Eoin. The book is getting a lovely reception. I must put my Dad on to this one, he’ll love it. Actually, his birthday is in a few days…

      1. Sold. Should I order normally through the link above?


        P.S. Who did the cover? I love it.

    1. Just ordered. Thanks Eoin.

      Ciara’s site is great, she’s very talented. The illustrations are especially good. If I hear of anyone looking for that kind of thing, I will send them her way.

      Best of luck with the book.

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