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I’ve been wondering why this hasn’t already happened. I expect to see parts of Penguin get event closer to parts of the rest of Pearson as publishing companies shift and adapt under pressure from digital change. The tools of The Economist in particular could be valuable to Penguin as this effort shows:

The Penguin Economist Specials will launch tomorrow (1 March) with five titles priced at £1.99. The subjects include China by James Miles; employment prospects by Matthew Bishop; mobile digital gadgets; the increasing success of video games; and women’s continuing workplace problems.

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Go read This | Jackie Collins to Self-Publish – GalleyCat

Kind of telling how something like this can happen to so little fanfare, discussion or debate:

In our forthcoming So What Do You Do? interview with Collins, she reveals exclusively to us, that within the next three weeks she will release an eBook for The Bitch, a complete rewrite of her previous version of the novel, with a price point of $2.99 or less.

via EXCLUSIVE: Jackie Collins to Self-Publish – GalleyCat.

It’s a real sign that the industry is REALLY changing and that it is the authors that are driving much of that change (as I’ve written about before way back in 2006 and again in 2010).