Go read This | Jackie Collins to Self-Publish – GalleyCat

Kind of telling how something like this can happen to so little fanfare, discussion or debate:

In our forthcoming So What Do You Do? interview with Collins, she reveals exclusively to us, that within the next three weeks she will release an eBook for The Bitch, a complete rewrite of her previous version of the novel, with a price point of $2.99 or less.

via EXCLUSIVE: Jackie Collins to Self-Publish – GalleyCat.

It’s a real sign that the industry is REALLY changing and that it is the authors that are driving much of that change (as I’ve written about before way back in 2006 and again in 2010).


2 thoughts on “Go read This | Jackie Collins to Self-Publish – GalleyCat

  1. I suspect that the lack of fanfare is also related to the place Ms Collins occupies in the pantheon of high profile writers 🙂

    I would be interested in the identity of the service companies she is using in bringing her title to market. One imagines she is not the type of person to do her own editing or copy editing or digital processing or marketing. Is she using one of the new style Publishing Agents to do these services for her an publishing herself ?

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