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A smashing and important piece by Mark Coker here. There’s much to read and enjoy and think about. Worth noting though that while this is true fr MOST authors, for those authors that need scale or who need investment to get scale (the Fifty Shades kind of scale or even approaching it) traditional publishers can still offer quite a bit. The post even so has much merit to it:

If an author can earn the same or greater income selling lower cost books, yet reach significantly more readers, then, drum roll please, it means the authors who are selling higher priced books through traditional publishers are at an extreme disadvantage to indie authors in terms of long term platform building. The lower-priced books are building author brand faster.  Never mind that an indie author earns more per $2.99 unit sold ($1.80-$2.10) than a traditionally published author earns at $9.99 ($1.25-$1.75).

via How a Traditional Publisher Could Harm a Writer’s Career – The Digital Reader.


  1. A good article demonstrating how the market is developing so much the way we predicted it would last year and the year before.
    I am a bit befuddled by the author’s failure to grasp the reasons behind the purchase of Author Solutions, however. I would have thought it obvious.

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