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Think of it like the horseless carriage! I think that line about the real innovation is where it’s at:

“The real innovation in e-readers has been giving consumers a convenient way to buy books, wirelessly, without even having to use their computers,” says Sarah Rotman Epps, a Forrester Research analyst. “Giving consumers a digital storefront right in their hands, that’s what really made e-readers a phenomenon.”

But tastes and technology have moved on. People haven’t stopped reading. They are just increasingly likely to read e-books on tablets rather than e-readers, according to a recent Pew Research Center report. The polling firm found that 23% of Americans said they had read e-books in 2012, compared with 16% in 2011

via The E-Reader Revolution: Over Just as It Has Begun? – WSJ.com.

4 thoughts on “Go Read This | The E-Reader Revolution: Over Just as It Has Begun? – WSJ.com

  1. It really is the convenience that will win book lovers over to the way of the e-reader! Or the tablets even more so-internet access can be too limited on a normal Kindle. Books are fantastic and I’d never do without them, but when I’ve just finished book one in a fantastic series at 2 in the morning and I want the next one now, I can have it at a click! No bookshop is open at that hour…well no bookshop I’d like to pop into!! 😀

  2. Those who own e readers devices stand out from other book readers and there are sometimes differences among device owners in their reading habits. Our December 2011 survey found that those age 16 and older who own tablets or e-book reading devices are more likely than others to read for every reason: for pleasure, for personal research, for current events, and for work or school.

  3. I’m not surprised but I am disappointed that eReaders may disappear. I have a ‘tablet’ and switched my reading over to an ereaders a year ago because the weight of a tablet was irritating and awkward over a period of time and the backlighting bothered my eyes if I read for more than a hour.

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