Go Read This | Kindle Singles and the future of ebooks | Joe Wikert

Good piece from Joe Wikert, even if I don’t completely agree with everything he says:

End the practice of artificially puffing up content
The greatest aspect of Kindle Singles is, of course, their short length. The first one I read was a Single about media and I remember thinking how a typical business book editor would have asked the author to turn this 30-page gem into a bloated 300-page mess. It happens all the time and its a function of both physical shelf presence and perceived value. In the ebook world there’s suddenly no physical bookshelf an individual title has to have a spine presence on. Now we just need to stop equating \”shorter\” with \”cheaper\”…more on that in a moment.

via Joe Wikert’s Digital Content Strategies: Kindle Singles and the future of ebooks.

2 thoughts on “Go Read This | Kindle Singles and the future of ebooks | Joe Wikert

  1. Eoin, I tend to agree with Joe. Too many business books especially are 20 or 30 page ideas lost in “a 300-page mess” as Joe puts it. I’m often asked “How long should my book be?”. My reply is always the advice given by the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland (my favourite book, BTW): “Begin at the beginning. Go on until the end. Then stop.”. It works – every time. Hence our NuBooks series – short and to the point! Keep up the good work! B

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