Blog Policies

I thought it time to add a few notes about how I operate here to accompany my About page which is more of a “hey this is who I am” page. If any of the notes below unsettle you e-mail me and let me know.



All of the posts on this blog are the sole opinion of the author. Nothing on the site represents the opinion or view of my current clients or employers or indeed my former clients or employers.


Comments are the sole opinion of the commentator. I reserve the right to remove offensive, insulting or tangential comments without warning. This is a publication and thus commenters should be conscious of the laws relating to libel. If I have even the remotest suspicion that comments veer towards such territory they will be removed.

Site Content

I hope to write about the changing nature of the publishing industry, the future of books and the current process of change we are going through. That is a broad brief so it may at times stray from the core a little. I will never publish book reviews, there are many much better sites for that kind of material. Other than that I may publish a little of everything, including links to sites I find interesting for reasons aside from publishing.

Editing and Corrections

Where errors occur I will endeavour to rectify these as soon as possible. If you spot something either comment and let me know or e-mail me eoin[dot]purcell[AT]


All e-mail that is sent to me will be considered off the record. However, I may on occassion reproduce e-mails after discussion with the sender and only with their express permission.


Just because I link somewhere does not mean I agree with sentiments expressed there. Equally links to my site do not indicate approval of content on the linking site. I am eager to seek out new sites with good content so feel free to send me links and ideas. If I link to them I will acknowledge your role and mention it in my posting!

Ads and Affiliates

This blog will never carry ads. Once I thought about it (and full disclosure: even trialed an ad for backpack) but decided that the reason I am blogging HERE is not commercial, the cost is really only my time so I will not pester you with ads or affiliate links. I cannot say at a future stage that the blog will not be linked to a commercial site but the blog itself will NEVER CARRY ADS.

There You Have It!

If you feel I have missed something let me know: eoin[dot]purcell[AT]

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