Monza, The Frankfurt Book Fair & A Sunny Athlone

So here’s some cool news and it comes in two parts.

The first is that I leave on Sunday for UNESCO’s World Forum on Culture and Cultural Industries, Focus 2011: The Book Tomorrow: the Future of the Written Word in Villa Reale di Monza, Lombardia, Italy. I’m very much looking forward to it. I’ll be rapporteur for a panel on Blog Vs Newspaper.

The second thing is that the same event marks the kick off of my association with The Frankfurt Bookfair’s English language blog. Starting after the conference when I’ll be blogging about copyright in the digital age (a major topic of discussion at the event), I’ll be adding blogs on the topics of rights, licensing and digitization, key concerns of the Fair.

I’m really excited by the link up and I hope folks will join me over there when I post.

In the meantime, it’s the Friday of a bank holiday weekend in Ireland and I’m leaving Dublin for the evening, heading to Athlone to watch Clockwork Noise.

If you are going, I’ll see you in Monza, if you are not, I’ll write all about it over here.

Enjoy the weekend,

PS: Yes, that picture IS of the building where the forum happens!
PPS: Here’s a night-time shot just for fun!

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Quick Link | Top 5 Irish people who almost changed history « Irish History Podcast

The Irish History podcast is a great resource. Another smashing post today!

In true European colonial style Daniel paid as much attention to the nearly 2,500 year old accounts of Herodotus as he did to local knowledge. His journey from the outset was plagued by disasters. Firstly African Merchants tried to kill him as they could foresee the threat posed by European trade and after escaping with his life he subsequently lost all his baggage in a fire.

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