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Well done to Ryan Chapman and FSG! This is a lovely idea and exactly what publishers should be doing!

Work in Progress is, then, a long-term bet: create interesting pieces, delivered monthly, around only the best work curated by our editors. Give it a year. Connect readers with the editors and their lists which they’ve been reading for years without knowing it. Build up that trust, then tap them on the shoulder and say, Oh, by the way, here’s a novel you just might like.

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I’m not sure if I have a fail week project yet, but I’m thinking of one!

Returning to BEA. I came up with Fail Week: authors, editors, agents, bloggers, everyone take seven days and try something new online with the expectation of failure. Authors! Don’t go on Twitter to match @neilhimself‘s follower-count. Go on Twitter because it might be right for you. (Or not.) Agents! What’s the difference between a Facebook community page and a Public Figure page? I know one way to find out.

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