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A really great post by Adam Hodgkin worth ‘reading’!

Our understanding of digital books would be much better if we spent less time wondering about how we might read them, and a lot more time thinking about the ways in which we may use them without necessarily, or even at all, reading them. For certainly, and beyond all doubt, when there are 20 million books in Google Books Search we will not seriously, continuously, read more than the tiniest fraction of them.

In Praise Of Not Reading – Exact Editions Blog

Time for a book buying ban & LibraryThing’s new work pages

Eoin Purcell

Nothing too drastic for everyone else
But for me it is time to stop buying! After a tidying weekend I realised I had this TBR pile just at home:
Books overload

I liberated a new bookshelf for my massively expanded Cork Library too with the result that several TBR piles came into a single location with the below result:
More TBR books

So sadly (and with the exception of the soon to arrive pile from The Book Depository) I must hold off on book buying for now!

Came out with a new works page today/last night and I have yet to decide on it. I think I like it but I am not sure. It has a few tweaks yet to come so I’ll hold judgment just yet. Good chat as always on the talk page referencing the change.

Thank you BBC4 for replaying House of Cards which is really very excellent and Rilo Kiley for this album which is great.