Go Read This | OFT gives go-ahead for Amazon/TBD merger | The Bookseller

Not a huge surprise but still, interesting …

The Office of Fair Trading has cleared Amazon to take over The Book Depository, ruling the merger would not lead to a lessening of competition within the UK book industry.The OFT decided there was limited pre-merger competition between the two companies and found that competition within Amazon Marketplace would continue to be strong after the takeover. It said The Book Depository only accounted for between 2-4% of the online market for physical books, and that TBD had most of its growth in overseas markets rather than the UK.

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Pretty much the whole Bookrabbit team join The Book Depository

Eoin Purcell

What a coup

This is news by anyone’s standard:
The Book Depository has hired former BookRabbit managing director Kieron Smith as its new m.d. and employed the six other BookRabbit employees made redundant from the retailer last month as it looks to expand.


Will Jones, BookRabbit’s former IT director, has been appointed The Book Depository’s IT director; BookRabbit’s former design director Kwen Wan has been employed as design director; Steve Potter, commercial trading manager at BookRabbit, has also joined The Book Depository as commercial trading manager.

The Book Depository has also hired BookRabbit’s developers Tony Dillon, Rob Johnson and Jason Merry.