Quick Link | Market Crash: How to Publish a Bestseller in 33 Days

Sometimes I wonder why there isn’t more crash publishing, it sounds like such fun!

This July, when Beaufort’s President, Eric Kampmann, came in to work raving about an article he had read in The American Spectator and mentioned that Rush Limbaugh had spent almost an hour on his show talking about the influential long essay by Boston University Professor Angelo Codevilla, we realized we had another big opportunity. The article was already sparking debate online, and we wanted to give Mr. Codevilla a bigger and more permanent platform for his controversial ideas.

We realized it was crucial to get the book out in advance of what will likely be a hotly contested election in November, as the issues in the book speak to the heart of what the Tea Party Movement has been criticizing about Washington. Having crashed three books in as many years, we were confident that we could get the book out in time for a September 12th pub date.

via Market Crash: How to Publish a Bestseller in 33 Days.