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David is so often on the money, and he nails it here, but crucially the first quote I’ve pulled is only part of the story:

In consumer publishing it is really hard to find examples of players once great in print who are now able to operate in network terms with a similar facility .

There’s much more more:

I also feel that the portfolio days of B2B have drawn to a close. Investing in disparate service elements in niche markets no longer adds sufficient value to be justified , and if the future really is around workflow emulation, as this column has been suggesting, then the niche positions do not cut it without a great deal more content and software.

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Quick Link | Introducing Carrington Build | alexking.org

WordPress gets a new and nice plugin! Though it aint cheap I can see lots of people liking how this changes the way they use WordPress.

Carrington Build allows you to build rich, complex page layouts without any coding or editing of page templates. Sound too good to be true? Based on the response from our clients that are using it and the top WordPress developers I’ve demo’ed to – that’s exactly what we’ve created.

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Quick Link | Waging war on Wordpress: Posterous prepares the switch | Media | guardian.co.uk

I’m not sold on Tumblr or Posterous. If they succeed good luck to them, bit I think in the long run, WordPress and Automattic have the edge!

What’s the attraction? A less bloated back end (there’s pills for that) without multiple features you never use. An end to the barrage of spam comments that plague WordPress – Posterous is free of those, for now. And a service designed to be so email-post friendly that you never even need to login at your desktop; I post everything to my trial Posterous blog from my phone. Photos, videos, text docs, even spreadsheets – if you can email it, you can blog it from your phone. I’m converted.

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Wordpress Books Tag Page

Links Of Interest (AT Least To Me) 01/07/2010

Wordpress Books Tag PageI’ve been doing some fascinating reading the last few week and thought I’d share the ones that stuck with me. You may have noticed a few reblogs appearing in the stream. I’ve been using WordPress’s reblog button and loving it very much! These are non-reblogged though. Also impressed by their much improved tag pages. Like this one, for books.

An excellent open letter by Brian O’Leary to Scott Turrow about piracy, data and good and bad decision making.

A very fine article over at Slate (Thanks to SarahB for the tip) on ebooks and paper and why one will not replace the other. Agree or disagree, the writing is solid.

A nice find in general, Slow Media, one I was directed to by the excellent blog Casual Optimist.

James Long over on Speculative Horizons has a great list of four upcoming titles by four of my favourite fantasy writers.

Smashing line for literature at the Kilkenny Arts Festival this year.

Philip Jones points to the clash in perception of the future for books in the digital age between Jeff Bezoz and Hachette UK’s George Walkley. Nicely done too.

With the Russian spying scandal in the US, Yale University Press talks spies! Well worth the read and considering a new book purchase too.

Despite a tough market, Barnes & Noble have been very upbeat about the future in terms of digital and print sales. I hope they are right.

The summer seems to be rolling in this year (when does it not), but at least it’s been a good one so far!