2009 Stats & Top Posts


For all the stat nerds
Wordpress tells me that I had 39,468 views in 2009 a solid 20% increase on 2008.

The top three referrers to the site were:
1) Twitter
2) Nathan Bransford
3) Emerging Writer

The Top Three Posts were:
1) Publishers and the tangled Web: Guest Blog
2) 4 Reasons To Think That The Kindle International Was Released Early
3) How many books do you need to sell to be successful in Ireland?

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “2009 Stats & Top Posts

  1. I’m your number 3 just following Nathan Bransford? Wow. That’s pretty cool. Do I get a prize or just revel in the glory? You’re 142 on my list, just behind chicklitsanctuary ….

    1. Just the glory I’m afraid.

      I’ve been struggling to figure out why it works that way. I”m really not clear on why, I think perhaps its just that the way my name crops up on your blogroll it is at what people think of as eye level in supermarkets?

      All the best,

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