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Classic story this.

McPherson started the McPherson imprint in 1984, publishing both fiction and nonfiction. He treats each printed book as an artifact — a work of art, and not merely a “text” or “content.” He doesnt own a Kindle.”An e-book is really a misnomer,” he said. “Its not a book.”

via Small publisher slays Goliath | recordonline.com.

2 thoughts on “Go Read This | Small publisher slays Goliath | recordonline.com

  1. Ironic that E.P. comments on a publisher that has taken a stand given that he is basically gotten in bed with Apple for Irish History apps. Doesn’t even have the decency to call them e-books.

    1. Hello Primordial,

      I don’t see anything at all ironic in that.

      The apps, are essentially ebooks yes, I’ve no problem admitting that, but made available a different way for a different audience, as I’ve made clear many times I’m a huge fan of multi-purpose content, and deploying content as widely as possible.

      As for getting into bed with Apple, as that’s a major way to reach the audience that uses their device what of it? Is Apple evil in some way I am not aware of?

      I think the kind of notion that says an ebook isn’t a book is very unfortunate, who cares how a book is consumed by the end user so long as they do consumer it?

      On the other hand, fair dues to this publisher who seems to be promoting quality works, I also admire that, though my advice to him would be to change his thinking in digital terms.

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