Round Up – Monday 17th July 2006

Oh what a day
I never normally mind Mondays but I had an awful one today, not that it matters. In any case that is the reason for my (extremely) tardy posting.

The Round Up
I had intended to simply comment on the What skills will I/We need five years from now? post and I will be the Ottakars post also got a number of comments so I thought I would add something on those too.

For background and info you should read either here and here.
Cas Stavert, a regular commenter and the writer of Only2rs a really fine blog says he will miss Ottakars and considers it a sign of the:

increased homogenisation [of the book trade], and a decrease in the number of places that stock the sort of books I like to read. Ottakars were good because there was likely to be some difference between the various stores. All Waterstons seem to be the same, and stock the same books.

Andrew Jones wrapped it up with a sad and gloomy quote which pretty much captures the mood:

yes it’s brutal. apparently the head offic discovered the news about the rebrand via the press, and the news that their deals and promotions were now null and void via a publisher. redundacny notices look like being a formality. a very sad end

Some of you may be wondering who Paddy Purcell is, a prolific commenter on my blog. He is in fact my uncle and a man who sees the world and all that happens in it with a very keen gaze. That’s why his post on the skills question was perhaps so on the button:

So yes the lessons have already been learnt but have to be constantly looked at.
Sorry to repeat myself but everything changes while everything stays the same but never think you’ve reached the final station they are all just stops along the way [just don’t get off]

While the comments were not as freely given as I might have hoped Paddy was not the only participant; Paul Browne was good enough to point us in the direction of what other fields are doing and to suggest the Wisdom of the crowd to us:

I’m not sure if there is an equivalent in the publishing world, but for those in the business-tech world, keeping an eye on JobServe lists some of the current upcoming skills.

Looking 18 months out, the O’Reilly Tech Buzz site (Link to Blogpost) is a good indicator

And litlove fears that Authors will be left with more to do in future and spares a thought too for editors while wondering who picks up the grammar:

I’ve noticed that as an author I now need far more computer literacy than ever before. I wonder how long it will be before all that desk top publishing stuff is handed over to the authors. I would guess that marketing and market research is going to change a lot for publishers, given the push towards new formats. One thing no one seems sure of any more is correct English punctuation! Who is responsible for that these days?

Some Linking News
Inside Google Book Search have launch E-mail subscriptions to their blog and were kind enough to give my blog a little shout out.

With tired eyes and heavy head that is it for today,

The sharp eyed among you have spotted what my tired brain did not and I have corrected it. for details see teh comments! Thanks BL.