The Economist, cool? Who saw that coming?

Eoin Purcell

Project Red Stripe
Maybe its the inter-company rivallry (what with a million penguins at penguin) in the Pearson stable (though they only own 50%), maybe its just a heady year or two in media but THIS is definitely a cool idea:

We’re a small team set up by The Economist Group, the parent company of the eponymous newspaper. Our mission is to develop truly innovative services online. We already have some ideas, of course. But as champions of free markets, we abhor the concept of a closed system. This is why we would like you to submit your idea (or ideas). Just think big – and we’ll do the rest.

They are accepting ideas here and have suggestions and hints here oh and Jeff Jarvis mentions them here.

Loving the name and the cool-ness of it all

2 thoughts on “The Economist, cool? Who saw that coming?

  1. I work on Red Stripe and thought I’d update you on our progress. We went live on Friday. Got a 7 ideas by Saturday, then served 18 000 page views over the weekend and received 200 ideas by Monday morning after being Slashdotted.

    We had not planned for that. Keep an eye on us for more news.

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