Is it possible to love wordpress? continues to serve up some awesome additions to their service. If you have not seen the changes to the Tags pages then please do check them out and the explanation which is here.

The related tags are serving up very interesting pieces and the whole section just feels easier to navigate. I have been consistently impressed by WordPress and now they have stepped up to the plate again.

I wish they were Book Publishers sometimes, with this level of innovation I doubt publishers would have to worry about Google Book Search or digitisation at all.

2 thoughts on “Is it possible to love wordpress?

  1. I must agree – I’ve been really impressed with WordPress since I started blogging here. My original intention was to use it to get used to the format for a few weeks and then run WordPress myself off my own domain. Needless to say I haven’t done that yet.

    What would make me do it? They start to introduce ads or make me pay to not see them (like livejournal are starting to do). But so far, all they’ve done are good things, and you’re right, the new tag page is good.

  2. Funny I had the same original intention but I htink now that even if I do set up my own domain for other purposes I will retain my blog here as my main blog becuase it is such a goo service. I also (though I shouldn’t say this perhaps) wouldn’t mind paying a small fee for ad free service I like it so much.

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